Friday, April 8, 2011

Help Smooth Wrinkles

Faitox Information

FaitoxManufacturer: Synovia Labs
Ingredients: Faitox has key ingredients like Argirline (25%), Matrixyl 3000 (15%) and Snap-8 (10%). While the component Argireline aims to be a “wrinkle relaxing peptide,” Matrixyl 3000 assists with firming the facial skin, and Snap-8 relaxes muscles to help smooth out wrinkles. Faitox-25 additionally contains natural ingredients like Vitamin C and Vitamin E. A single ounce of Faitox serums sells via the official website for $79. While some customer success stories are presented on the website, there is also a series of before and after photos displaying how Faitox serums may benefit your skin over a four week period

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