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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Laser treatment for permanent filler complications

Employing an intralesional laser to treat inflammatory complications caused by permanent facial fillers showed a 92% overall improvement rate, according to an Italian study that appeared in the August issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.
A total of 218 consecutive patients (204 of whom were women) with a mean age of 49 years were treated with an 808 nm diode laser (LASEmaR 800; Eufoton, Treiste, Italy) between 2006 and 2013.
Patients with infiltrating distribution in the tissues, as in crisscross retrograde injection, were managed by intralesional laser treatment alone. However, patients with cystic distribution in the tissues, as in bolus injections, were treated with both laser-assisted evacuation and drainage through stab wound incisions.
Researchers chose the 810 nm wavelength because of less associated pain than other infrared diodes.
Typically, no anesthesia is required for the laser treatment, according to the study authors, which consists of percutaneously inserting a 200-micron fiberoptic laser directly into the lesions and drilling several small holes. The result is removal of the foreign substance and the inflammatory reaction.  
“A period of up to 6 months is usually necessary to fully appreciate the resolution of the lump together with the healing of the surrounding inflammation often extended far beyond the original implant,” writes lead author Daniel Cassuto, M.D., and his associates from Modena and Milan, Italy.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Product Review: Neckline Slimmer

by Luke Willson

Product Review: Neckline Slimmer
For anyone struggling with "turkey neck" or a double chin, the Neckline Slimmer sounds almost too good to be true. Two minutes a day of moving your chin up and down against something with a little spring in it? Well, that sounds easy enough. Thanks to the Neckline Slimmer's inventor Paul Younane, an ex-professional rugby player turned physiotherapist, this new, "as-seen-on-TV" fad may actually be the solution to a problem many of us have to deal with. Or is it?
The Neckline Slimmer is a portable, affordable, easily operated device, small enough to fit in a purse. To use it, one end is placed on the chest, while a moveable pad rests under the chin. A spring contained within provides resistance (different springs are provided to adjust the level of intensity). By repeatedly depressing the pad, like a bicycle pump, in a nodding motion, the claim is that noticeable tightening along the jowls will be acheived in as little as two weeks.
Younane's product works on this simple principle: prolonged resistance exercise with a muscle group reduces surrounding deposits of fat. Consequently, the skin around the area will acquire a tighter appearance. While the Neckline Slimmer is designed to target the muscles on the front and side of the neck, this principle applies to all muscle groups. The key is that persistence over time is essential - like any exercise, the results only become noticeable gradually.
As we age, our skin sags, and the neckline is often the first area to go. However, diet and exercise aren't always enough to counteract the natural process of aging. It's enough to drive one to frustration. A product like the Neckline Slimmer certainly offers the opportunity for its user to regain more youthful contours over time. Keep in mind, however, this treatment system strengthens muscle and reduces fat deposits. If you are experiencing excessive amounts of loose, sagging skin on the neck and jaw, it might not be the right option for you. Real results may require an actual cosmetic procedure, such as a neck lift.
Neck Lift is a relatively simple cosmetic surgical procedure, like a mini-facelift for your neck, whereby loose, sagging skin is lifted and repositioned, giving you more toned, youthful definition. In fact, the Neck Lift can even be combined with a Facelift for even greater results. Or, if excessive fat is what you're looking to reduce, some minor liposuction under the chin might also be an option. A local plastic surgeon can help you decide what type of approach can deliver your desired in the simplest, safest, and quickest manner possible.
If cosmetic surgery sounds too serious, perhaps a less-invasive neckline treatment would interest you. Refirme®, which uses targeted heat energy to tighten skin, smooth out wrinkles and balance skin tone, will not only help give your neck better definition, it can even out your skin tone for an all-over luminous glow. Lipodissolve, a popular new injectable for breaking down fat deposits, is also a great non-surgical solution for slimming the neckline.
Everyone's body reacts differently to cosmetic procedures, and your specific characteristics will determine how a treatment affects you. Only a face-to-face consultation with a medical professional can give you the necessary information about your specific needs. If you'd like to learn more about any of the procedures mentioned or find a local provider, feel free to click here, or call 888.517.4187. And if you're interested in the Neckline Slimmer but would rather not buy an As Seen on Tv product, a nerf ball placed under the chin could very well offer the same type of resistance exercise!