Monday, January 25, 2016

Reducing wrinkles over larger area with diluted abobotulinum toxin A

Diluted abobotulinum toxin A reduces wrinkles over larger area

A study comparing concentrations of abobotulinum toxin A and onabotulinum toxin A for reduction of forehaead wrinkles found that and increased dilution of abobotulinum toxin A results in a greater surface area coverage.
Video provided by The Doctor's Channel and Reuters Health.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Lip enhancement

What is the obsession with pouty lips?

 Simple-they look good. When done properly, that is; not an over-done trout-pout, but a natural, subtle enhancement is fantastic and a full pair of lips is very attractive.

If you haven’t been genetically fortunate and weren’t born with full lips, fear not. You can get them, with a simple, affordable injection of a dermal filler called Restylane at Therapie Clinic.

What is Restylane?

Restylane is a hyaluronic acid, a complex sugar exactly the same as the hyaluronic acid made by your body. It’s what keeps skin plump and smooth, and is ideal for lending a fuller appearance to lips, safely and naturally.

How does it Work on Lips?

Depending on the shape of your mouth, you can have Restylane injected along the vermilion border (lip line) and within the vermilion (pink part) of the lip. It gives a very nice non-permanent augmentation to the lips, and is best when done subtly.

When you schedule a lip enhancement treatment, don’t do it just before an important event; it takes a few days to settle down and you’ll have minor swelling initially before the filler settles into place.

It’s perfect for women who have to try to fill out their thin lips with liner and lipstick, and gives a beautiful appearance to your mouth. It’s ideal for anyone who doesn’t like the size of their lips or who has lost lip volume though aging

The smooth hyaluronic gel will provide excellent enhancement-the only downside is that it is not permanent as the filler ultimately gets reabsorbed completely by the body. It lasts differently for different people, but when the effects wear off you can have it done again whenever you need to.