Friday, March 31, 2017

Dr Patrick Treacy ~ Botoz

Intradermal botulinum toxin effective for intractable long-term neuropathic knee pain. A study presented at WCP, held in October in Buenos Aires, showed that in patients with intractable long-term neuropathic knee pain, intradermal botulinum toxin offered improved clinical outcomes

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Botox Popularity Skyrocketing in the US

Anti-wrinkle injections have been gaining popularity for well over twenty years. In fact, over five million injections are made annually in the United States. This simple procedure yields immediate, fantastic results with no recovery time and can even be completed on your lunch break. The injections are typically done on facial tissue to lessen the appearance of wrinkles. The most common location for injections is around the eyes and on the forehead. Botox is also used for various other medical purposes such as excessive sweating in the face or underarms.
The Botox is injected into the muscle, temporarily relaxing the facial muscles that contract and expand with normal facial expressions. Physicians use nerve blockers to relax facial muscles, rendering the muscle unable to create new lines or deepen current wrinkles. When the muscles are relaxed, the appearance of wrinkles and lines is drastically reduced, leaving behind smooth skin that looks ten years younger.
Anti-wrinkle injections are effective, clean and even fast. The procedure is incredibly simple and can be completed in under fifteen minutes. As little as five or as many as ten injections are made directly at the site and the patient is free to resume their daily activities immediately following the procedure. Patients sometimes experience some very minor discomfort during the procedure, but the pain should subside rather quickly.
Gold Coast specialists Cosmos Clinic state that, after the original injection, patients will see results in as little as three days. In some cases the full results may take up to two weeks to become fully apparent. The result is younger looking skin that last at least three months, but can last for up to six months. Studies show that patients that maintain their anti-wrinkle injections with up to three annual visits will see permanent improvement to the lines in their skin. While maintenance on specific areas isn’t a necessity, the results are often so pleasing that patients want to maintain them permanently.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The difference between Botox and facial fillers

The difference between Botox and facial fillers

Sick of deep lines on your face? Wishing you could get a quick fix for the signs of aging around your mouth and eyes? You may think that Botox is your only option, but in fact there are other injectable cosmetics that plastic surgeons use to treat some lines on the face. That's why it's important for individuals to understand the difference betweeninjectables like Botox and facial fillers, like Juvederm.

What Botox does
According to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS), Botox is a neuromuscular toxin, and while it is the most widely recognized brand name for this type of cosmetic, there are other variations that have FDA approval, namely, Dysportand Xeomin. The injectable medicine is used to treat "active" facial lines, meaning those that have only recently formed. A board-certified plastic surgeon will inject the cosmetic into facial areas that are associated with the formation of wrinkles. For example, the muscles you use to frown may be responsible for lines around the mouth, so a plastic surgeon can use Botox to artistically alter facial expressions. This won't result in a loss of the ability to show emotions on the face - the intention is to make subtle changes that will stop lines from forming while promoting a natural appearance.

Thursday, March 2, 2017


Anti-aging botulinum developed by Korean doctors
Market position No.1 product in domestic market within 2 yrs.
Welcomed and proved by field plastic surgeons.

SD International
Bangyidong, Songpagu Seoul, Seoul

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Frown no more

Relax your frown

They erase the signs of age, turning back time to make you look younger; brighter, better.

Why You Have Wrinkles

Constant use of facial muscles combined with changes in your skin as you age, leads to lines and wrinkles as the skin sags and collapses around areas that are under repeated stress.

Squinting; smiling, frowning-all these expressions leave their mark on your face and make you look exhausted, older and a bit annoyed.

How Does Anti-Wrinkle Injectable Work?

An Anti-wrinkle injectable is a simple, non surgical procedure that will eradicate your facial lines in moments with a quick, painless injection. All you have to do is sit still, frown so the therapist can see the pattern your facial contraction has on your skin, and get a tiny injection or series of them (depending on area) with a very fine needle.

A small dose of a purified protein is injected into the facial muscle that is causing the wrinkle, and paralyses it by temporarily blocking the nerve impulse to the muscle, allowing it to relax. This allows the skin overlying the muscle to smooth out, and the persistent lines that have developed over time appear greatly improved.