Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Frown no more

Relax your frown

They erase the signs of age, turning back time to make you look younger; brighter, better.

Why You Have Wrinkles

Constant use of facial muscles combined with changes in your skin as you age, leads to lines and wrinkles as the skin sags and collapses around areas that are under repeated stress.

Squinting; smiling, frowning-all these expressions leave their mark on your face and make you look exhausted, older and a bit annoyed.

How Does Anti-Wrinkle Injectable Work?

An Anti-wrinkle injectable is a simple, non surgical procedure that will eradicate your facial lines in moments with a quick, painless injection. All you have to do is sit still, frown so the therapist can see the pattern your facial contraction has on your skin, and get a tiny injection or series of them (depending on area) with a very fine needle.

A small dose of a purified protein is injected into the facial muscle that is causing the wrinkle, and paralyses it by temporarily blocking the nerve impulse to the muscle, allowing it to relax. This allows the skin overlying the muscle to smooth out, and the persistent lines that have developed over time appear greatly improved.

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