Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Other uses for wrinkle injections

When we hear of the word Botox, many of us think of removing those nasty lines around our face. 
While this is certainly true, here are some other cosmetic uses that you may have never heard about. In case you are interested, we have also included a link for more information to read up on, or as always, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.         
 Eyebrow lift- not happy with the shape or height of your eyebrows, then the use of a Botox injection can assist in redefining your look. At Cosmos, we have found that this treatment is most popular with female models.                               
Opening eyes - botox injections can be used to increase the eye aperture, making a patients eye seem larger to the naked eye. At Cosmos, we have found that this treatment is popular amongst people with an Asian heritage.
 Gummy smile - too much gum makes you embarrassed about your smile? It can certainly take away from a lovely smile.  Botox injections assist in lowering your mouth and hence removing that gummy smile.                                              

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