Saturday, May 14, 2011

Wrinkle Injections: Options to choose from to get that Perfect Skin You have Always Wanted

Too tired of trying out too many skin care products that only promise beauty but not the reality? If you are too scared to have your skin undergo the rigors of laser resurfacing, another alternative is the method of wrinkle injections. It is another invasive skin therapy that guarantees the most successful of results without experiencing too much pain.
Botox injection is apparently the most popular of these methods, it is actually a toxin produced by the bacteria Clostridium botulinum. The Food and Drugs Administration have approved the use of this chemical substance in the area of cosmetics especially those of wrinkle reduction. As one of the most popular wrinkle injections, botox were found to benefit individuals with wrinkle problems in the upper part of their faces, around the eyes, mouth, cheeks and those awful looking horizontal wrinkles on the forehead. This type of treatment lasts for about three to four months depending on the amount of chemical that has been administered.
Hylaform injection on the other hand, is a popular filler especially used for the lips and cheeks area. This wrinkle formula gives immediate results once injected onto the dermis of the skin, where it binds with water that renders it to be easily absorbed by the skin. This type of treatment usually lasts for about six to twelve months before the skin goes back to its usual condition.
Restalyne injection is another type of wrinkles injections that is of hyaluronic acid filler type taken from the bacteria Streptococcus which has been approved by the FDA for human use. Individuals who would be subjecting their skins to this kind of anti-wrinkle treatment should always remember that this is not a permanent solution for skin problems, but rather of short-term type that needs to be replaced with time.

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