Thursday, May 19, 2011

Will Muscle Relaxing Injections Make Me Look 10 Years Younger?

Will Muscle Relaxing Injections Make Me Look 10 Years Younger?

A commonly asked question for any cosmetic doctor is ‘will muscle relaxing injections make me look 10 years younger?” There is, alas, no definitive answer to that question. Muscle relaxing injections, there’s no doubt, are the 21st century miracle for reducing facial wrinkles and creases, but to quantify exactly the number of years it will appear to turn back the clock for each person is patently impossible.
This is because many extraneous factors come into play. How deep are your wrinkles, how long have they been there, how extensive is the wrinkling on your face? This answer will be different for each person, so it is only logical that the results will vary

What would be fair and true and certainly more precise is to state that muscle relaxing injections will make you look younger – but just how many years younger is dependent on those extraneous factors. The deeper the creases and wrinkles in your face, the younger you will look afterwards. Conversely, shallower creases and wrinkles, which will also react positively to the muscle relaxing injection will give you a younger, yet more subtle look.

How well you respond to this medi-cosmetic treatment, as well as how effectively it is administered, are also elements that play into how much younger you will ultimately look.
It would be wise for you to do a little investigation before you throw yourself onto the comfy couch in your cosmetic doctor’s office. Ask some questions of him or her first, such as how long have they been doing these treatments, and how often – is it regularly, or once in a blue moon? How much of the product does he or she envision you will need?

Ideally, you are looked for an experienced cosmetic doctor who understands the interplay between the drug and the nerve endings in your face. You also want a cosmetic doctor who will be perfectly and totally honest with you, rather than one who makes claims that may raise your expectations too much.
In the vast majority of cases, muscle relaxing injections will make you look younger by giving you smoother, more natural-looking skin. That’s why it is so popular in Dublin and all around the world.

What will make you look 10 years younger is the smile that you’ll get on your face when someone tells you that you look marvellous… though they can’t quite put their finger on why it is. It’ll be our little secret.
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