Tuesday, November 13, 2018

The Difference Between Muscle-Relaxing Injections and Dermal Fillers

Enquiring minds want to know, “what is the difference between muscle-relaxing injections and dermal fillers?” Stop wrinkling your brow and wonder no more, you don’t want those lines to become permanent, do you, so you end up looking like Gordon Ramsay?

Dermal fillers are types of injectable cosmetics, intended to provide temporary solutions to minor facial skin problems and skin irregularities. Injected just under the skin by a qualified medical practitioner, dermal fillers can smooth out lines, creases and wrinkles by, well, filling them in or plumping them up. The most common dermal filler in use is a brand called Restylane. This has been around much longer than most of the other brands, and has a very good safety profile.
Muscle-relaxing injections (which are derived from Botulinum Toxin A, but don’t be worried as it’s perfectly safe in this form) are very effective as an anti wrinkle treatment, and is also introduced to the face via injection. Muscle-relaxing injections effectively relax your facial muscles (including, perhaps, the ones that are creating those creases in your forehead from wondering too much) and smoothes out your skin, eliminating deeper lines, creases and wrinkles.

Dermal fillers are more suitable for individuals wanting to get rid of lines and creases that are not too deep, or reduce the appearance of other facial skin imperfections, such as scars from acne spots. Dermal fillers are also very popular for non-surgically filling in dips and depressions on the nose bridge. Fillers also can be used for plumping up lips that are asymmetrical, or simply to give one more of a pout. There are many different types of dermal fillers on the market, each with its own particular benefits and/or shortcomings.
Muscle-relaxing injections are generally the choice of discerning men and women who are trying to eliminate facial lines and wrinkles that are more apparent than mere creases in the skin. Your cosmetic doctor will assess whether muscle-relaxing injections or dermal fillers are more suitable for you. The choice of which one to use is dependent on the positioning, severity and depth of your wrinkles.
As a general rule of thumb, the wrinkles around and between your eyes and on your forehead are usually treated with muscle-relaxing injections. Folds around your mouth and chin are usually treated by dermal fillers.'

Muscle-relaxing injections and dermal fillers are used to treat different areas and issues. However, in terms of their longevity, both muscle-relaxing injections and dermal fillers are temporary resolutions to the problems of ageing, offering a three to six month respite from wrinkles, before needing to be repeated.
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